This circuit is one the first I experimented with. After modifying a few video devices, I wanted to work on a little standalone glitch circuit, this is where the search for video schematic started.

I started taking interest in electronic with audio, so I was quite used to find information about guitar pedals, synthesizers, studio gear, but there’s much less about analog video on the internet.
However I found this circuit traced by Philip Baljeu from an Archer Video Enhancer/Sound Mixer and posted on the electro-music forum.

Here’s the result, it adds 5 potentiometer, 4 switches and audioreactivity so the circuit can react with an external audio signal.

The circuit is PAL/NTSC compatible, it’s powered by either a 9V battery or a 9V DC power supply and works best with a CRT TV. US PSU
Circuit boards, kits and assembled circuits are now available through the store of the website.


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Sans modifications:

Avec modifications: