FFG stands for Falsch Farben Generator, literally, fake color generator, the original name of the circuit when it was published in german magazine Funkschau in 1987, realised by M. Klose and H. Neumayr.

The project have been resurrected recently as “Visualist” by Berto A and the documentation have been translated and publish on Makezine. The original doc (in german and in italian),  Berto A documentation and gerber files for the original board are available here.

The FFG is based on the original circuit and adds some modifications, mainly video rates CV control over each parameter (R, G and B level and comparators threshold) and NTSC/PAL compatibility.

The project will be soon available as a built unit, DIY kits and circuit boards.


Build Guide
User Guide
Mainboard BOM / Controlboard BOM
Block Diagram

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Turn on subtitles for the demo videos.