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Handbuilt AVE MOD

– Video input: composite 75 Ω / 1vpp RCA
– Video output: composite 75 Ω / 1Vpp RCA
– Audio input: mono jack 3.5mm
– Power: 2.1×5.5mm barrel connector, works with 9V battery or 9V power supply (center positive, 100mA at least).
– 6 potentiometers: one for video enhancement, one for audio input level and the last four are glitch effects.
– 5 toggle switches: ON/OFF, AUDIO ON/OFF/INVERTED, and 3 switches for glitch effects variations.

The AVE MOD V2 is a modified video enhancer circuit, creating colored and/or distorted effects. Main potentiometer act on the enhancement level of the video signal, 4 potentiometers are glitch effects, with 3 switches for variation.
An audio input make the circuit react to an incoming audio signal thanks to the onboard enveloppe follower.

Works with PAL and NTSC.
Works best with CRT TVs, using it with a LCD screen/projector may require a stabilisation of the signal.

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Community art:

Video by Dmitry Pliskin (SO.ON/)
FB: facebook.com/so.on.artgroup
Instagram: @so.on.art


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