CBV001 – Circuit bent video enhancer


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CBV001 is an eurorack adaptation of AVE MOD, circuit bent enhancer. The audio reactive part has been replaced by a CV input, allowing control from DC signal up to video rate, while keeping similar glitch effects.
NTSC/PAL compatible

– Enclosure + Power Supply: enclosure + power supply + hardware only (in the case you already have a CBV001 and want to make it standalone).

– PCB Set: includes Mainboard/Panel PCBs
– PCB Set + Power PCB: includes as above plus power supply pcb (Power pcb is required for standalone/having the module in an enclosure).

– Module DIY kit: includes PCB Set + all the components required for the build as listed in the BOM.
– Module + PSU + Enclosure DIY kit: as above but also includes Power PCB + components, as well as a 3D printed enclosure + required hardware. (No power supply included, though any +12VDC/100mA min./center positive wallwart should work).

– Assembled module: assembled and calibrated module, comes with a 16-to-10pin power cable.
– Assembled standalone: assembled and calibrated module, housed in a 3D printed enclosure, comes with a universal 12VDC/500mA power supply.

Note: enclosures are made on order

– 12HP
– 30mA +12V
– 0mA -12V
– 0mA +5V
– 25mm deep


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