CBV002 – Circuit bent video delay


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CBV002 is an eurorack adaptation of Discret11, which is based on an analog encryption system of the same name used by pay TV in the 90s.
It works by delaying the signal by a few hundreds of nanoseconds, resulting in an horizontal displacement and hue shift.
NTSC/PAL compatible

– PCB Set: includes Main/Control/Panel PCBs as well as obsolete part (LM1881, TDA4565, CD4006) and 11mm spacers.
– PCB Set + Power PCB: includes as above plus power supply pcb with SMD components populated (power pcb is required for standalone/having the module in an enclosure).

– Module DIY kit: includes PCB Set + all the components required for the build as listed in the BOM.
– Module + PSU + Enclosure DIY kit: as above but also includes Power PCB + components, as well as a 3D printed enclosure + required hardware.

– Assembled module: assembled and calibrated module, comes with a 16-to-10pin power cable.
– Assembled standalone: assembled and calibrated module, housed in a 3D printed enclosure, comes with a universal 15VDC/500mA power supply.

Note: enclosures and power pcb/kits are made to order

– 16HP
– 120mA +12V
– 60mA -12V
– 0mA +5V
– 45mm deep


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PCB Set, PCB Set + Power PCB, Module DIY kit, Module + PSU + Enclosure DIY kit, Assembled module, Assembled standalone