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Handbuilt version of Discret11.

International power supply included.

– Video input: composite 75 Ω / 1vpp RCA
– Video output: composite 75 Ω / 1Vpp RCA
– Power: 2.1×5.5mm barrel connector, works with 13.5-15VDC power supply (center positive, 250mA at least).
– 5 slide switches: ON/OFF, PAL/NTSC, RANDOM A, RANDOM B, FX ON/OFF
– 2 rotary switches: RATE A, RATE B
– 6 potentiometers: DELAY A, DELAY B, WIPE 1, WIPE 2, FDBK 1, FDBK 2

Discret11 is a circuit based on a video encryption technique from the 80s-90s. The original pirate decoder circuit have been redesigned to encode rather than decode, and features have been added, such as selectable switching rate and variable delay time for each video delay, 2 wipes and 2 glitch feedback effects.
The result is quite unique, delays displace lines of the picture horizontally, making a kind of comb effect, acting on the delay time also affect the color content of the picture, similar to hue. The rotary switches changes the rate at which the delay occurs, from thin lines to larger ones, with also a random feature. The two glitch effects can be added on top of the delay effects, and can be turned off using a switch.

Works with PAL and NTSC, however video mixers can be picky with the offset of the output signal, that’s why the Discret11 will be set to the standard you choose at the time of order.
Great results with a CRT TV, using it with an LCD/Video projector might require a timebase correction.

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