TRQ: Composite video color inverter

The circuit is based on the “Truqueur” by Hervé Cadinot, published in “Montage électroniques pour vidéo” in 1994. It can invert the content of a composite video signal, and wipe between original and inverted video, with gain control on original and inverted signal.

It’s interesting to note that the design seems quite inspired of the “Video Colour Inverter”, published in Elektor Magazine November 1984.

TRQ V2 adds a second wipe, with a CV/audio input so the wipe can be controlled with an external signal. This signal can be processed using the internal sample and hold (based on René Schmitz YASH).
TRQ produces various glitch effects, with bright colors. A rotary switch can select between 8 effect intensity, and a potentiometer attenuate this effect.
The project is now available through the shop, either assembled, in kit or pcbs only.


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Demo video

TRQ with mixer and camera feedback, wipe modulation with waveforms and audio + internal sample and hold.

Music and paintings credits to Grègór Belibi Minya

Teaser for a clip realised by Davide Fauro / misphit_circuitry for Eluize next LP on Craigie Knowes, with some help from the TRQ.