TEA5114 Video Splitter

This circuit is a utility circuit. The base circuit is a 3 way video splitter by Hervé Cadinot, which uses TEA5114, a RGB switcher/amplifier. The point of using this integrated circuit in this application is that there is an amp for each R,G, and B channel, so it’s possible to use it to amplify 3 composite video signal, the goal is to be able to distribute the source signal to 3 different monitors without loss.

TEA5114 3 way Video Splitter

Here is the base circuit::

R1 adapt the impedance from the source, C1 to C3 are coupling capacitors, which will remove any DC offset from the signal. The 3 amps in the TEA5114 amplifies the source signal and R2 to R4 + TEA5114 outputs impedance gives around 75ohm at the output.
The power supply is composed of 2 diodes that make the voltage drop from 12V to 10V, C5 is a filtering cap and C4 is a decoupling cap for the TEA5114.

Bill of material:

Ref designatorValuePart number
R175RAny 5% 1/4W resistor
R268RAny 5% 1/4W resistor
R368RAny 5% 1/4W resistor
R468RAny 5% 1/4W resistor
C1100nF (film)or any ceramic capacitor
C2100nF (film)or any ceramic capacitor
C3100nF (film)or any ceramic capacitor
C4100nF (ceramic)Decoupling cap, has to be ceramic
C510uF (electrolytic) 16V or more
D11N4001any 1N400X diode
D21N4001any 1N400X diode
U1TEA5114obsolete (included with PCB and kit)
DC connectorTayda DC Power Jack 2.1mm Barrel-Type PCB Mount or Kobiconn 163-7620E-E
INRCA socketCUI RCJ-024 or Keystone 586
OUT ARCA socketCUI RCJ-024 or Keystone 586
OUT BRCA socketCUI RCJ-024 or Keystone 586
OUT CRCA socketCUI RCJ-024 or Keystone 586


TEA5114 3-way Splitter Gerber files

Assembly is quite straight forward:

– Place and solder the 4 resistors, then the 2 diodes, then the 5 capacitors and finally the power connector.
– Plug a 12VDC PSU and check that you have 10V at D2 cathode.
– If that’s the case, place and solder the TEA5114 and the 4 RCA connectors.

When a 75 ohm load is applied to each outputs  (= each output is plugged to a device), current consumption is around 90mA. So best is to use a 12VDC/center positive/200mA PSU at least.